Westbridge House

1, Westfield Road
North Lincolnshire
DN18 5AA
Phone: 01652 632 437


Westbridge House is a 22 bed Rehabilitation Unit providing specialised care for adults with varying degrees of mental health difficulties. It provides an open door facility where the residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Even though they are in a care unit, it does not feel institutional. The House is “their” home and many of the features and decor within the building are maintained as such.

Residents are encouraged to participate in daily living activities – maintaining their own rooms, help around the House, cooking, cleaning, washing up, shopping, etc. Risk assessments, abilities and limitations are taken into account. This enables them to feel more fulfilled in their daily lives. Our ultimate goal for each resident is to encourage as much independence as possible – promoting “daily living” so as to enable them to eventually live on their own within the community.


At Westbridge, activities form the central focus for each resident. Trips to town/city centres, coach trips to seaside, garden centres, parks, museums, etc. We actively encourage hobbies (gardening, arts & crafts, decorating, cooking, etc.) with all staff, from management to maintenance, getting involved. Annual theatrical productions (musicals, pantomimes, plays, dance performances, etc.) are organised and attended by visitors such as families, friends, social workers, CPNs, district nurses and other health professionals. Barbecues, parties (Valentines, Easter, charity support, etc) are all held within the Home. Residents run a tuck shop as a mini business amongst themselves with full accountability of stock, purchases, money, etc. The aim is for each resident to have a more rewarding life. Taking part in some, many or all is a choice that the individual would make.

Residents even get involved in staff recruitment – in particular during the second interview stage. When prospective staff spend a day at the Home; feedback is sought from the residents.