Westbridge House

1, Westfield Road
North Lincolnshire
DN18 5AA
Phone: 01652 632 437



At Westbridge House, it is our aim to promote independence for our service users and to ensure they have a balanced and fulfilling life.

Care and Staff

A senior member is involved in designing a personalised care plan. A key worker takes over its responsibility and ensures it is implemented and reviewed. Aspirations and wishes of individuals become the central point from which the care plan is designed. Statements in care plans start with “I wish to....” and “I would like to .....”. Where they lack mental capacity to make the judgement, the carer states “John/Jane likes to....”

Residents’ and Quality Circle Meetings are actively participated in. Where decisions are made, they are carried through. Where suggestions are not practical, the reasoning is explained. Feedback/changes from these have a direct impact on their lives.

Social/behavioural skills are worked with as they all live together in harmony. Having boundaries, specific duties, planned activities, etc. all help towards this. Staff complete specific training to work with adults with mental health difficulties. They recognise the many facets to such conditions. Care is planned by addressing every action/activity of daily living and identifying what their limitations are.

Westbridge House has an “excellent” reputation as a Rehabilitation Unit and has had numerous commendations from outside professionals.


The House is a very large Edwardian property with an extension to the rear. A lot of the original features within the House are maintained e.g. the marble fireplaces in the lounges, the staircase to the first floor, etc. Westbridge House has very much of a home feel to it.


Cooking is very much part of the residents’ lives at Westbridge. Every resident (with appropriate risk assessments in place and abilities identified) plays a role in the running of the kitchen. Some help with the cooking, whilst others may help with the washing and drying, or loading the dishwasher. This is an important part of their daily routine. All this is supervised at all times by the cook and other staff. The cook ensures that by working with the residents, they are also receiving nutritious and balanced meals.