Phoenix Care Centre

Phoenix Care Centre
Ancaster Avenue
Chapel St. Leonards
PE24 5SN
Phone: 01754 872 645

Care Services

Residential Care

We recognise that as people get older, circumstances can change and it becomes more difficult to live a fulfilled and happy life in your own home.  The responsibility of day-to-day living can become a worry for the individual or their family.

Phoenix Care Centre has dedicated rooms to provide residents who do not have nursing requirements with a comfortable and relaxed home environment without the burden of home maintenance, bills, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  The Home’s care team will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to encourage independent spirit of residents and ensure all needs are met and each day is worry-free.

Palliative Care

Palliative care provides a resident with advanced and progressive illness the special support to ensure the best quality of life as they deal with the terminal disease.  This is done alongside medical care and treatment.

Through care and support, we will strive to relieve some of the worry associated with long-term illness and help those individuals live each day active and happy.

The care staff working within this unit will have completed specialist end-of-life training.  Our nursing staff are also qualified in providing the care and support to both the residents and their families.

Respite Care

At Phoenix Care Centre, we provide the very same high-quality care services that are enjoyed by our long-term residents to individuals who come to us on a short-term basis.

Respite care is suitable for:

  • Those individuals who would like to take a short break with us, safe in the knowledge that all their needs can be accommodated
  • On discharge from hospital, many people may require additional care to start the recovery process.  We can accommodate most of the clinical care requirements
  • Sometimes full-time carers need a short break.  We can provide high quality care service so that the relative can relax and have some time-out
  • Some individuals may wish to come to us on a short term as a ‘trial’ basis to ensure that the resident will be comfortable should they require longer-term care

Day Care

The aim of Phoenix Day Care is to enable older people to maintain, improve and relearn social life skills and activities of daily living.  It prevents social isolation and the feeling of loneliness. Our day care gives people the opportunity to socialise with friends and take part in a range of activities while their family carers have a break and peace of mind of knowing they are in a safe environment.

We provide freshly cooked meals and snacks throughout the day.  We also offer a bathing service and can arrange hairdressing and chiropody. 

Using the experience of our staff, residents, relatives and healthcare professionals, we aim to provide the highest quality of care services within Phoenix Care Centre.  We will aim to enable our residents to maintain as much independence as they can for as long as they can by balancing risk with quality of day-to-day living to maintain lifestyle choices.